Social Media in the New Economy: What are the keys of Startups, their PR Strategies?

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Billions user has made social media become one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. The fast-growth also includes growth on the rise of startups, change in consumer behavior, inclusion and different kind of Public Relations.

How has social media impacted startups companies and what are the keys of PR strategies in the new economy?

1. More customer-focused

By following a journalist on social media, startups and PR professionals can learn about a reporter’s tone of voice, opinions on relevant topics and recent work. Social media can be a great place to research reporters and make connections.

Other than that, interactions in social media occur in real-time. This means that when people have a concern, complaint or question, social media users expect an immediate response from brands. Startups companies need to become much more customer-focused.

2. Continuous rise of influencers.

Social media has not only created a platform for professional journalists to share breaking news; there’s also rise a new type of citizen journalist: the influencer.

Influencers are considered one of the best ways to attract new customers to a product, from a beauty vlogger with millions of subscribers on YouTube to a travel blogger with thousands of followers on Instagram. Consider the fact that users are more likely to make a purchase based on a social media reference.

These social media influencers with high follower counts could mean big opportunities for startups, PR professionals and the brands they represent. Now with the rise of influencers and different kinds of measuring the success of engaging influencers, startups companies need to continuously adjust their strategies on targeting type of influencers.

3. News story changing fast

While the speed of social media may create highly effective communication tools for breaking news, this also means a news story’s lifespan is much shorter than it used to be. This means journalists are constantly searching for the next big thing and startups companies have to keep up in getting their messages out there.

Startup companies have the ability to broadcast stories faster than before and articles can go viral online, spread globally, and become the next big story, thanks to social sharing.

4. Crisis communications have become even more crucial

Social media has pushed brands to be more careful. Startups companies are responsible for managing brand voice and protecting the organization’s online reputation via the publication and promotion of additional content, community engagement, media monitoring, and measurement in different ways – not like classic Public Relations.

Finally, as key take out. In the changing world due to the economy and human communications have been changing, what are the key principles for startups in doing their Public Relations? The key is being adaptive. Being fast? It is a must.

Edited by Dian Noeh