Renault: Resurrecting a Legacy Brand

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Renault: Resurrecting a Legacy Brand

Surrounded by their signature colors of black, yellow, and white, Renault (pronounced: [ʁəno]) announced their new brand holder agent in Indonesia, Maxindo Renault Indonesia (MRI), who now have the rights to market, import, distribute, manage products and offer after-sales service in Indonesia. The French car manufacturer with global recognition is getting a fresh start to be a tough contender in Indonesia’s automotive sector. Even with 120 years of experience, Renault is making clear that their current and upcoming cars are also suitable for millennial and coming generation.

Car for Today and Tomorrow

Renault Twizy is one car model that many people are already familiar with and excited to have. The plug-in electricity vehicle with compact size will certainly be suitable in the future when environmentally conscious vehicle for use in bustling metropolitan will be more in demand through the assistance of private and public sector. When the car is available in Indonesia, it will give people more option in doing their daily activities. The cargo version could be a new alternative for delivery services while the two-seater version is going to offer a unique experience to get around the city.  

However, in order to compete in the consumer market, Renault needs to launch a car in the multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) segment. The immensely anticipated, affordable 7-seater car would be competing in a very much saturated market where it is now one of the most preferred car models in the country. The car with three rows of seats and hopefully will also available with automatic gear option, will be another selection for people who are looking for a car that can be utilized in many ways; a car that is suitable for daily work use and even leisure time with family. To make a break in their comeback efforts, this MPV that is planned to be released this year would need to offer a much better product compare to other brands in the segment.

Renault Global: Transformation

Meanwhile in the global context, Renault is going through a transformation to keep up with the current market landscape that is constantly changing. At their global office, the agencies responsible for their media and creative content are merged into one to work together with Renault’s own talents. This is being done to ensure having the best talents to create omnichannel campaigns where the brand and its content, media and data would be contained in the same place. It will certainly minimize discrepancies between their online and offline efforts to achieve an effective, most likely cheaper, comprehensive campaign that is parallel to their goal. The shake up is being trialled first in France and will be applied to South America and Asia-Pacific if it is successful.

It is very exciting to see the development of Renault, especially in Indonesia. Even without Twizy, it is going to be thrilling to witness Renault having a go against other car brands that have car models with national recognition as the million-people-cars.