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Mekari: Tech for SMEs

This is our second post on our series of coverage on Mekari Conference, click here for the first post.

At Mekari Conference on 25 April 2019, the discussion was exciting, focusing on the always-creates-interest SMEs growth. 

There was also talk on who can enable technology for SMEs, with technology including business software such as ones under Mekari;


One of the critical requirement to enable technology for SMEs is the infrastructure, just as culinary businesses’ customers can not access GoFood with no internet connection. XL has continued to address this by enlarging their radius of network reception, currently at 95% of the total population in Indonesia has access to XL’s network. Infrastructure in Indonesia is not yet perfect, but the government and companies are working together to provide access to every Indonesian.


Another great requirement in adopting technology would be the capital needed, as each software requires a corresponding hardware to operate. For example, in order to operate a POS software such as Moka, you need a tablet as well as their receipt printer. Bank Mandiri, a state-owned enterprise, has facilitated funding to 27 thousands SMEs with total capital reaching 55 trillion Rupiah. The government has been rather aggressive in their attempt in funding SMEs due to SME’s importance for Indonesian economy.


SMEs might have the infrastructure and funding required in order to modernize themselves, but it is rather pointless if they are not willing to change and adapt to the new economy where change is always around the corner.

By having adequate infrastructure and capital, the next step would be on how to expose SMEs to technology as well as induce willingness in them in adapting technology. Mekari Conference aims to do just that by having successful leaders in various sectors of business share their experience in utilizing technology to be ahead of others.

In addition, there are many ways that we can instill willingness in SMEs, whether you are technology provider, infrastructure provider, government, or other type of stakeholders;

  1. Affordability:
    Instead of a huge price tag at the beginning, technology providers should opt for subscription-based pricing to lower barriers to entry such as Mekari’s softwares.
  2. Platform:
    Multi-platform technologies are able to be utilized by proportionally more potential users. Developers need to facilitate different operating software, e.g. iOS, Android, Microsoft, and macOS.
  3. Ease of Use:
    Technology aimed at SMEs should be easy to use, but has a high skill ceiling so that it can cover future needs in case the enterprise grows in size.
  4. Exposure:
    via events, TV spots, advertisements, educational sessions, etc. They won’t like what they don’t know.

Do you think the above is enough to instill willingness in SMEs? If not, what else should be done to do so?