Mekari: 4 Reasons for SMEs to Adopt Tech

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Mekari: 4 Reasons for SMEs to Adopt Tech

Businesses are racing to incorporate technology to be competitive with fear of being disrupted by up-and-coming startups. SMEs however, have been less of an advocate for technology, but the real question is, should they be stepping up their game in adopting technology?

Mekari held a conference back in 25th of April in Jakarta, aptly named Mekari Conference, with the theme of “Powering Indonesia SMEs with Technology.”

A press conference was held as part of the Mekari Conference, with panels included the CEO of Mekari, Suwandi Soh, the Vice President of Retail Deposit & Product & Solution of Bank Mandiri, Oki Daniar, as well as the Group Head Enterprise Product and Marketing of PT XL Axiata Tbk., Sharif Lukman Mahfoedz.

Mekari itself is a cloud-based business platform provider that is a consolidation of Indonesia-based startups that are in the SaaS (Software as a Service) field of business; Talenta and Sleekr as HR products, Jurnal as an accounting product, and Klikpajak as a tax product. The name Mekari itself reflects their mission; it roughly translates to “to let others grow.”

All in all, the press conference brought up a few important topics regarding SMEs and technology, including the benefits for SMEs in adopting technology:

Increasing Productivity

Through various productivity tools such as Mekari’s suite of software, e.g. Jurnal for accounting and Sleekr for HR, various employees will receive a boost in productivity, enabling them to do more with less time invested in each task. Some tasks are also better suited for autonomy, such as inputting daily orders to accounting just like Jurnal is capable of.

Reduces Cost

By adopting technology, some functions can instead be delegated to software, therefore reducing the cost of hiring an employee. Although you are increasing your fixed cost in operation expenditure through the fee of said technology and any cost related to the hardware, you are offsetting that by reducing your human resources.

Increases Income

By both increasing productivity as well as reducing costs, SMEs will naturally yield a higher income and therefore profit.

Competitive Advantage

Technology may also bring about a competitive advantage over competitors, such as online delivery via GoFood adds another channel of sale and exposure. Some customers also prefer more variety of paying option, such as GoPay and Dana instead of just accepting credit cards.

Do you have any other examples on what other technology will be of help for SME to grow? Will SMEs be able to adapt to grow?

Photo by Orvin Hatmosroyo