Dear CMO, This Is How You Can Co-work With Your Human Capital team in facing the Tech Talent Shortage in the New Economy

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A survey by Robert Walters, specialist professional recruitment firm revealed sentiments in South East Asia that hiring tech talent is difficult, time consuming, but critical to business success. Robert Walters has issued a technology guidebook “5 Five Lessons In Tackling The Tech Talent Shortage”.  Combining insights from forward – thinking business leaders, HR experts, hiring managers and tech professionals, the guidebook shared key learnings about the crisis of tech talent shortage that occurs and how to maintain tech talent.

Situation: tech talent shortage has reduced companies’ speed in product development, admitted by 7 out of 10 hiring managers.

Robert Walters survey also suggested that hiring managers need 3 months or more to find a professional and fill an open tech position on their team and 70% of managers have felt the negative impact that affects productivity and business innovation because of the occurring crisis of tech talent.

Below are points strategies to tackle this shortage as advised by Robert Walters and added with possible actions and strategy listed by Voice of Startups by KVB on how Chief Marketing Officers can optimize social science tools to help their Human Capital team.

Strategy #1: Be more proactive, rather than reactive to hiring needs.

Tackling the crisis of professional technology talents can be done by reaching untapped talent pool. In addition to the more traditional methods of sourcing such as job boards, job fairs and related social media.

How Chief Marketing Officers can help Hiring Managers. Reach out the untapped talent pool and with the increasing tech talent war, employer branding is a must. The basic principles are to build the brand of the companies, which could be different from one and another. The strategy and execution are meant to attract engineers, by utilizing social science tools like Public Relations and Internal Communications in delivering the messages in conventional and mostly tech Human Resource platform.

Strategy #2 A Learning Culture that Focuses on Growing the Team

A strong learning culture where talents are encouraged to learn by sharing and teaching provides an energizing environment where employees feel recognized and appreciated, while they benefit from the additional exposure is needed.

How Chief Marketing Officers can help their Human Capital team. CEOs the culture and change [at any speed], with CMO can have crucial roles in understanding and building office culture or the social context of the office by delivering the messages and executing internal communications program that help their Human Capital team.

Strategy #3 Sparking Change from the Top

To enable change, leaders need to walk the talk to attract, motivate and retain tech talent. Companies are encouraged to look beyond technical abilities for a leadership roles – one who has a good understanding of the current technology landscape and strong stakeholder management skills.

How Chief Marketing Officers can help their Human Capital team. A bit similar to strategy #1, CMOs can help their Human Capital team by delivering messages based on strategy that optimizes management and social science skills.

The tech talent shortage is beyond tech, as it relates to social science tools by CMOs that co-exist with technology.

Written by Dian Noeh Abubakar
Founder, CEO & Inclusion Driver at KVB

Photo by Alex Kotliarskyi on Unsplash