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5 Things on Optimizing Social Sciences for Early Stage Startups: KVB mentoring session at COMPFEST

“To KVB, mentoring students and startups founders – the ones who develop ideas and at their early stage – is important. It is about driving inclusion and aligned with KVB soul: Grow With Impact.”   KVB took part being mentors at the Startup Academy by COMPFEST 11 by Fasilkom UI (Universitas Indonesia) at Gojek Headquarters,[...]
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Dear CMO, This Is How You Can Co-work With Your Human Capital team in facing the Tech Talent Shortage in the New Economy

A survey by Robert Walters, specialist professional recruitment firm revealed sentiments in South East Asia that hiring tech talent is difficult, time consuming, but critical to business success. Robert Walters has issued a technology guidebook “5 Five Lessons In Tackling The Tech Talent Shortage”.  Combining insights from forward – thinking business leaders, HR experts, hiring[...]
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Founder and CEO. What’s the difference?

The new economy era has driven founders to create their startups with distinctive innovations. But, there are misconceptions about founders and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) regarding leadership.    Founders are the ones who have ideas to start a business while the CEOs are the highest-ranking executive manager in organization and lead the business organization under[...]
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Della Krissianty, Auzan Mario, Azela Yunarko MinuteVideos Indonesia inspires audiences for better change by influencing and educating through inspiring stories in the form of captivating animated illustration video content. Jakarta, 27 September 2019 –– MinuteVideos, an online platform with main focus on creating and spreading content of social, environmental, and health issues all around the[...]
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