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6 Points tech-cofounders need to know on social sciences

By Dian Noeh Abubakar (Founder, CEO and Inclusion Driver at KVB) Startups is not just about developing cool and impactful app. I will share with you how founding startups and monetizing it requires understanding of social sciences as described in some growing strategies below, in the new economy. 1. Consumer oriented Startups are made to[...]
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4 Things on PR for Fundraising

Example of PR for Fundraising in Newspaper
Voice of startups by KVB has been working with startups from various sectors like fintech, logistics, insurtech and so on in building brands as part of their growth strategy. Of course, for startups’ growth, fundraising is something vital. Similar to enterprises exercising Public Relations when they go public [IPO], startups need to apply a bit[...]
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What is Personal Branding?

What is Personal Branding? “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO of Amazon This quote by Jeff Bezos perfectly encapsulates the meaning of branding, and has been quoted many times on the internet to explain it.  In this article, we will talk[...]
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