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November 8, 2019


Social Media in the New Economy: What are the keys of Startups, their PR Strategies?

Billions user has made social media become one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. The fast-growth also includes growth on the rise of startups, change in consumer behavior, inclusion and different kind of Public Relations. How has social media impacted startups companies and what are the keys of.
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October 29, 2019

miguel-henriques-1217371- Square

Founder and CEO. What’s the difference?

The new economy era has driven founders to create their startups with distinctive innovations. But, there are misconceptions about founders and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) regarding leadership.    Founders are the ones who have ideas to start a business while the CEOs are the highest-ranking executive manager in organization.
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October 25, 2019

Co-Founder & CEO Investree, Adrian Gunadi, dan perwakilan dari Wahed Invest, Finalytix serta moderator dari Red Money di sesi Where Are All the Islamic Fintech Companies di SCxSC Fintech Conference 2019

[PHOTO RELEASE – EN] Investree Participated in SCxSC Fintech Conference 2019

Kuala Lumpur, October 24, 2019 – Co-Founder & CEO of Investree, Adrian Gunadi, was invited to become one of the speakers at the annual SCxSC Fintech Conference held by the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) for 2 (two) days, October 22-23, 2019 at the SC Building in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As.
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October 23, 2019


Funding in the new economy: differences that some do not still understand 

Bernhart Farras Edited by Dian Noeh  As the new economy grows and startup companies are rising, one of the changes in-game is funding. Conventional companies and startup companies are very different both in foundation, structure and how they secure capital funding.  Conventional companies tend to start a business with.
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October 8, 2019

Investree X JMC - Photo 1


MUHAMMAD NADIUL KAFFI Bali, October 2019 – Investree (PT Investree Radhika Jaya), Indonesia’s leading marketplace lending, announces a second round ‘green financing’ partnership with social enterprise Java Mountain Coffee to enable Java Mountain Coffee offer guests of Four Seasons Resorts Bali sustainable Indonesian coffee filled into biodegradable capsules. This.
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September 17, 2019


6 Points tech-cofounders need to know on social sciences

By Dian Noeh Abubakar (Founder, CEO and Inclusion Driver at KVB) Startups is not just about developing cool and impactful app. I will share with you how founding startups and monetizing it requires understanding of social sciences as described in some growing strategies below, in the new economy. 1..
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September 16, 2019

Menkominfo Rudiantara Membuka Konferensi Esports Dalam Acara IDBYTE ESPORTS 2019-min

A billion-dollar industry, welcoming the bright future of esport

Statista, a research firm, estimates that global revenues for the esports industry may even surpass billion-dollar this year, supported by the number of companies and investors getting in on the esports market. Games & esports analytics and market research firm, Newzoo project estimates that the global esports market will.
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August 22, 2019

Example of PR for Fundraising in Newspaper

4 Things on PR for Fundraising

Voice of startups by KVB has been working with startups from various sectors like fintech, logistics, insurtech and so on in building brands as part of their growth strategy. Of course, for startups’ growth, fundraising is something vital. Similar to enterprises exercising Public Relations when they go public [IPO],.
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July 26, 2019


5 Things on Optimizing Social Sciences for Early Stage Startups: KVB mentoring session at COMPFEST

“To KVB, mentoring students and startups founders – the ones who develop ideas and at their early stage – is important. It is about driving inclusion and aligned with KVB soul: Grow With Impact.”   KVB took part being mentors at the Startup Academy by COMPFEST 11 by Fasilkom.
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June 27, 2019


Dear CMO, This Is How You Can Co-work With Your Human Capital team in facing the Tech Talent Shortage in the New Economy

A survey by Robert Walters, specialist professional recruitment firm revealed sentiments in South East Asia that hiring tech talent is difficult, time consuming, but critical to business success. Robert Walters has issued a technology guidebook “5 Five Lessons In Tackling The Tech Talent Shortage”.  Combining insights from forward –.
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June 10, 2019

Indonesia Blockchain Association - Journalist Class

Blockchain 101

Blockchain 101 – The Story of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Since 2017, KVB has been holding KVB Journalists Class, featuring various speakers from different sectors and topics around the new economy. KVB had outlook by venture capital firms in 2017 and Indonesia Blockchain Network in 2018 and this year in.
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May 16, 2019

Ade Fauzan, COO of Investree, giving talks on Investree Syariah on Investree Journalist Class.

Investree Syariah and the Rise of Islamic Tech

Investree Syariah and the Rise of Islamic Tech Ade Fauzan, Chief Operations Officer of Investree, has recently shared on the topic of Investree Syariah in their journalist class on 02/05/2019. Investree Syariah, part of Investree which handles sharia-compliant offerings, shared their insights on Islamic Law or Sharia in the.
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May 15, 2019

Investree Journalist Class Adrian Gunadi

6 Differences Between Fintech and Bank Lenders

6 Differences Between Fintech and Bank Lenders The third speaker from Investree is Adrian A. Gunadi, CEO & Co-Founder of Investree. He covered the macro aspect of Fintech, rather than delving into the details like the previous speakers. One topic in particular that I would like to discuss is.
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May 9, 2019

Salman - Artikel 1

How Investree Utilizes New Data in their Loan Grading System

How Investree Utilizes New Data in their Loan Grading System Salman Baharuddin, Chief of Sales at Investree, is one of the speakers at the journalist class and he covered a rather interesting topic regarding their utilization of New Data in their loan grading system. On the 2nd of May.
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