A billion-dollar industry, welcoming the bright future of esport

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Statista, a research firm, estimates that global revenues for the esports industry may even surpass billion-dollar this year, supported by the number of companies and investors getting in on the esports market. Games & esports analytics and market research firm, Newzoo project estimates that the global esports market will exceed US$1.6 billion by 2021.

Indonesia has been the largest esports market in Southeast Asia. Now, this country opens the door to the billion-dollar industry through IDBYTE ESPORTS 2019. KVB as a PR partner in support of driving inclusion and growth of esports and its stakeholders by helping IDBYTE sending the voices about technology and esports in particular. Featuring the 1st ESPORTS Conference the theme “Gaming for Change”, IDBYTE ESPORTS 2019 presents talks about esports industry and B.E.S.T (Bubu Esports Tournament) ESPORTS competition (Tencent PUBG Mobile) for male and female categories with the equivalent prize pool with a total prize (for men and women) in the amount of IDR 750.000.000, making IDBYTE ESPORTS the biggest prize for women esports tournament in Southeast Asia with a nominal value of 290 million rupiah.

Founder, CEO and Inclusion Driver of Dian Noeh Abubakar, Founder, CEO and Inclusion Driver of KVB, said: “KVB is happy to support again IDBYTE that this year is special because it presents about Esports. In the spirit of driving inclusion and supporting the growth of esports and females at esport, we support this and we’re at IDBYTE also giving tips about inclusion for ones in the Esports ecosystem.”

Telkomsel (PT Telekomunikasi Selular) also committed to support the esports ecosystem in Indonesia. One of them is through participation in the IDByte ESPORTS 2019.

Direktur Utama Telkomsel, Emma Sri Martini said “Now, Telkomsel’s efforts are increasingly strengthened to be part of the esports development network by also providing an ecosystem for the activists of esports through World Games and participating in developing esports content as a publisher,” Friday (13/9/2019).

Shinta Dhanuwardoyo, Chairwoman of IDBYTE ESPORTS 2019, expressed her views about esports industry in Indonesia, “Esport is currently globally in the middle stages are developing rapidly, the amount of interest in this industry in the world is indicated by the high value of sponsorship which reached US$359.4 million, plus the total audience in the Asia Pacific region which reached 201 million pairs of eyes in 2019, however community interest and knowledge related to this industry is still minimal, therefore we hope with this B.E.S.T can increase public interest.”