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By Dian Noeh Abubakar (Founder, CEO and Inclusion Driver at KVB)

Startups is not just about developing cool and impactful app. I will share with you how founding startups and monetizing it requires understanding of social sciences as described in some growing strategies below, in the new economy.

1. Consumer oriented

Startups are made to solve problems. It needs be others’ needs and not meant to serve what we want. It is also about market size so a startups founder get investors to buy his / her idea and support it, therefore startups founders need to understand a macro view or massive size of problems. How do startups founders know the massive size problems? It is sociology.

2. UI / UX

UI and UX are about social too. UI / UX are about human. UI / UX are about feelings. Therefore, when technical knowledge are required by engineers, social knowledge is needed too. It goes into about understanding others or group of others who decide experience as important matter. Therefore, understand anthropology or marketing when developing UI/UX.

3. Content is the king

Content of your startups webpage and startups are not about your tech. Build content that connect. Content that connect comes from persons who know how to write stories that tell. The ones who understand 5W1H. Journalism, Mass Communications and Public Relations are the knowledge that fit this role: content that connects startups that tech founders create with consumers.

4. Communicating the your startups: beyond awareness

Communicating an app is actually a building brand. Building brand requires long term thinking and process. It is a marathon rather than sprint. Building brand is not about creating brand awareness at the beginning only.

Once a brand is out, there is a responsibility to build and make it sustainable as part of sustainable business. Building brand is not just about logo. It relates to business structure and brand architecture. It relates to fund raising and how investors see your perception in the market, if a founder can be trusted or not. Understanding of brand building requires a combination of business knowledge, Public Relations and marketing.

5. Business model

Business model is the core. It is not easy. Founders must have vision, business understanding, regulation, macro economy, consumer mapping, lead acquisition, partners, fund raising. There are a lot in a mind of a startups founder and CEO. When doing fund raising, startups founders need to show that their business models are valid.

Therefore I would suggest that when founding a startups, a combination of founders from different background or collaboration may be useful. Founders can decide the CEO and define the strategy together.

6. Employer branding

As awareness grows and consumers enjoy our UI and IX and our products, we need to grow further and recruit more people. Therefore with the demand of good talents, startups need to appeal with good stories to potential employees and retain them with good experience and creative with leadership approach too.

There are not only salaries that make people stay, therefore, how potential employees know our brand story? Employer branding is one thing that is crucial for startups [and enterprise too] in getting good talents on board. It takes psychology, public relations and marketing to run an employer branding program.

There are lots of sample of how social sciences can be applied in startups. Which one do you find more interesting? Which one do you like?

I would like to conclude by saying that cofounding startups need collaboration of people with different skills including with the ones from social sciences if one can.

And always remember: The beauty of social sciences is about nothing is exact about it. Therefore, tehre are also puzzle. And this fits founders that naturally like to solve.