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4 Reasons Why You Should Have a Personal Brand

We have talked about what personal branding is here, but should we care about our personal branding? What makes personal branding so essential, especially on the internet age?

1.        Shortcut

Imagine if you are a founder and you want to start your own startup. If your potential clients recognize you, be your startups company is in the form of BtoB or BtoC model, people will do business with people they know, like and trust. Therefore, if you have a personal brand, and it is not about being popular, then your chance to have your new business to succeed may be higher.

2.       Humanizes your company

Business is about trust and respect and in these two there is something about humanity which can be part of personal branding.

Compare these two and please let our team at Voice of Startups know on what you think or feel:

Unilever’s plan to save the world

Unilever CEO Paul Polman’s plan to save the world

Which one seems more believable?

The difference between an individual and a company is that you can better relate to a person. We can relate to a person having emotions, reasons in life, aspirations, or other facets of humanity. That is why your personal brand is a reflection of who you are. Balance out your personal and work life on your social media to show a well-rounded picture of your life.

3.       Attach values to your company

Attaching values to your company is easier to stick when you are the one saying it.

Compare these two;

Adrian Gunadi, CEO & Co-Founder of Investree, states that “. . . our mission and vision to increase financial inclusion in Indonesia. . .”

Investree states that “. . . our mission and vision to increase financial inclusion in Indonesia. . .”

By saying it personally, you will be able to attach values to your company faster and easier. It just sounds more believable when it comes from the founder’s mouth rather than an institutional body that has no emotion. You can do so by focusing on the reason that pushes you to found the company as well as the problem that you aim to tackle.

4.       Investment

Unfortunately not all startup story ends in a success. We all know that for each startup that succeeds, hundreds more close down. That does not mean these founders will stop establishing a new startup. Each time they do so, they accrue more and more experience to be utilized in their future endeavor. Other than experience however, your personal brand will still also live on. The public will still remember your name and everything attributed to it. Your network will also stay with you and continue into the next round. That is why you should work on each of your project with the utmost care, as mistakes in the past may haunt you in the future.

Personal branding might not be for every company, but if yours have problem with one of the above, you might want to consult a professional and put yourself in the limelight.

This article is part of our lectures on personal branding.

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash