Our works for brand and venture in the new economy

Venture strategy

We develop clients’ brand strategy, aligned with venture and its sustainable growth strategy under various business models.

Growth hacking - Public Relations way

We build clients’ brand, content and stories and deliver messages using channels like Public Relations [media and news] and other possible channels.

Public Relations for Fund Raising

It’s a bit similar with when enterprises would like to be listed at stock exchange; we provide consultation to grow your venture and build your investment stories.


We optimize our network to work with clients in hosting events as part of clients’ B to B and B to C models.

Inclusion Platform

We help founders connect with investors and companies from various countries, as part of our role in driving growth inclusion.

Personal Branding

Trust is essential in business. It requires efforts to establish a company’s credibility and it takes strategy to build a personal brand that includes trust. Our personal branding goes beyond awareness but also mainly about thought leadership.

Employer Branding

We work with startups in telling their inspiring and authentic stories across Omni Channels to attract and retain talents.

How to deliver messages to the media?

Delivering stories to the media is not similar to delivering messages to others. Content and data matter a lot. We have training specifically designed to help startups founders to deliver their messages.

Regulator Outreach

Reporting to the regulators about the sectors of your startups and the impacts of your sectors can be crucial. We can help startups to connect accordingly.

We are co-building the New Economy and co-driving inclusion with

Be part of the New Economy

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