Empowerement starts at work. The story of Qerja.com

 Qerja.com started to engage Indosat, Mini Cooper Indonesia, BMW Indonesia, Baba Rafi Kebab, Contempo and so on at the beginning of its launch and introducing HappyQerja campaign when entering the market.

 It was well positioned as the first online community to share about salary and reference of workplaces.

 Qerja.com presented review from employees on companies in Indonesia and moderated to ensure the quality and accuracy. For companies, Qerja.com provides industry situation and benchmark of employees, while employees can give constructive feedback.

 Writer’s note: as one of the first online that focusing on human resources, Qerja reflects its founders’ vision on empowerement and transparency. Inspiring one too, as Qerja managed to engage top corporations during its first launch.

By Dian Noeh Abubakar
Founder & CCO of Voice of Startups
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