Every Step Counts


Started from an interesting idea to share the joyful of running together with people who shares similar thoughts, IndoRunners was born in the middle of urban landscape. The objective is to be a platform for people from different background to express their hobby, while also invite them to do charity. With their “LUAS (Lari Untuk Amal Sosial)” program, IndoRunners invites all of their members to be the agents of social change. With the increasing amount of members, IndoRunners has now transformed into the biggest cardio sport community in Indonesia.

To date, IndoRunners has conducted many charity programs, such as charity for hospital building, scholarship for 100 Universitas Indonesia student, and also scholarship for 1000 high school student in Central Java. With Edomondo as their official app partner, IndoRunners wants to bring a good influence for people to live a healthy life and bring social change.

“Every step counts” is a phrase that particularly describe what IndoRunners believe. They also use this quote as their spirit movement. Spreading news and motivation about their community from online platform such as Facebook or Twitter, IndoRunners now has gain more than 3000 members from all region in Indonesia, such as Balikpapan, Bali, Jakarta, Bandung, and many more. With their “Mari Lari” tagline, IndoRunners gathers people with same passion for running and charity in one community, in which is a good deed as we rarely find it nowadays.

Writer’s note: IndoRunners is an amazing community as it has been driving and growing organically, by tapping into a simple thing for good cause.

Author: Tubagus Lukman Syarief

Editor  : Dian Noeh Abubakar

Source: Press Release

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